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Lifelock's $100M Settlement

Posted by Aaron Massey on 17 Dec 2015.

I’m sure there are companies out there that have damaged consumer privacy more than LifeLock, but based on this news from the FTC it sure seems like they are trying to be the “best” in that particular category.

LifeLock will pay $100 million to settle Federal Trade Commission contempt charges that it violated the terms of a 2010 federal court order that requires the company to secure consumers’ personal information and prohibits the company from deceptive advertising. This is the largest monetary award obtained by the Commission in an order enforcement action.

If your stated company goal is to provide world class identity theft services, and you end up paying the largest monetary settlement in history to the FTC for violating a court order requiring you to secure your customers’ personal information, then I think you’re doing it spectacularly wrong.

Add this to LifeLock’s disastrous ad campaign featuring their CEO’s social security number, and I can’t believe they are still in business.