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A Detailed Guide to Creating Passwords

Posted by Aaron Massey on 29 Jun 2011.

Given some of my comments about passwords in my recent post on best practices for a secure cloud, I feel compelled to pass along this great guide to creating strong passwords put together by the folks at AgileBits, the makers of 1Password. They even talk about Diceware:

If people are so predictable, how can we create memorable passwords that aren’t predictable? It turns out that Arnold Reinhold published a solution to this back in 1995 to help people create strong and memorable pass phrases for PGP. It’s called Diceware.

I first heard about Diceware a while ago when one of my friends showed it to me. He took it seriously enough to purchase a set of casino dice to ensure he was getting truly random dice rolls. Even if you feel like you have a strong procedure for generating passwords, you might want to check out Diceware. It’s pretty impressive.

(via Practically Efficient)