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Password Management

Posted by Aaron Massey on 09 Mar 2011.

Ars Technica recently posted a guide in their “Ask Ars” series about password management:

Question: What are the best practices when using a password-keeping service, and what are the merits and disadvantages of local vs. cloud-based password storage?

With every website requiring users to register a password-protected account to see its content, password management systems have become very popular. We probably don’t need to tell you that one of the most popular strategies for managing passwords—using the same password for every account—is a terrible thing to do.

Because of this, password-keeping programs have been making gains, but using one can be dangerous to your privacy if done incorrectly There are certain features and practices that will keep your logins more secure, so we’ll go through a few different services and things you can do to crank up the security.

They mention using 1Password as a potential solution later in the article, and I would also recommend the program. If you’re interested in backing up your password database through Dropbox, then follow this simple guide.