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Felten Named FTC Chief Technologist

Posted by Aaron Massey on 05 Nov 2010.

Yesterday the FTC announced that Dr. Edward Felten, Director of the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton, had accepted a position as the first Chief Technologist at the FTC starting in January 2011. In my opinion, this is fantastic news, and it’s received extremely positive coverage in the media. Here’s a bit from Ars Technica:

Princeton computer science professor Ed Felten today was tapped for a one-year stint at the FTC in a decision so shockingly sane that it’s still a bit hard to believe. Felten has a terrific reputation as both a researcher and advocate, someone with deep technical knowledge, a pro-consumer/pro-openness/pro-tinkering bias, and an aversion to posturing and zealotry.

Congratulations to the FTC and to Dr. Felten!